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Social Contact Display Pro - Social Media Plugin for Wordpress

Social Contact Display now has a Pro version!

Firstly we would like to thank our users for their support and suggestions over the last year, the plugin has grown and is now the Best Wordpress Social Media Plugin and now to move forward we need support from users. The Pro version costs a one time fee of £9.99 £0.99 for lifetime updates and premium support including help with including the plugin within your theme. The income from the Pro version will mean we can commit more resources to the plugin meaning more features!

Will Social Contact Display standard version still have updates?

Yes, we will still support the standard version and any updates that the Pro version receives will be available on the standard version (a version of 2 behind).

Why not just add a donate button?

Well we could, but we felt it would be better to give the users something back in return – the reason for adding premium support.

Ok, I’m sold, where do I purchase?

Social Contact Display Pro can be purchased below:

Social Contact Display Pro change log
= 3.0.0 =
* Pro version released with business hours widget